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I am Coach Johanna Ayala.

I have the know-how, the program, the commitment and the determination-plus an arenal of tools to start you on the permanent road to sucess!

And I wont let you fail!

Working together , at my Women Only Bootcamp, you'll get motivated, fit, and excited. And that feeling will stay with you because....

  • You start seeing results quickly.
  •  You start feeling better than ever.
  • And you start enjoying your new routine...your new body...and especially your new sense of self-esteem!

I'm here to support you in every way - to get the results you want-and to love yourself for it!

But keep this in mind...

I can do it with you....but I cant do it for you. So you need to take the first step yourself. And, happily, that's really easy!

Yes… Go ahead and put in your full name and email. Even if you dont join my Weston Women Only Bootcamp, you can get started on implementing some lifestyle enhancing habits that will set you on the path to improving the quality of your life- more easily than you ever imagined!

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And thats not my only gift for you. I want you to take the first step in training transforming your health and fitness. And that starts with visiting and touring our Weston Women Only Bootcamp. So not only will I give you a FREE Fitness Consultation. I also have these additional limited bonuses for you:


Most important of all: There's no obligation...no pressure....no hassles. You'll be my guest. And I think you'll be happily surprised by your experience.

Why? Because we dedicate ourselves to women..and ONLY women. In a safe, relaxed, inclusive environment without embarrassment, insecurity or stress. In fact, we make fitness fun. Imagine that!

Whether you want to lose a few pounds or many....get toned...,energized and healthier...or simply fit into that dream dress for an upcoming special occasion- I'm here to help, support and motivate you. And I wont let you down- while you're losing pound after pound- every step of the way.


Sorry if I’m being too bold… but I get frustrated thinking about all my Weston Boot camp ladies who used to be stuck in the pit of hopelessness and despair that diets and gyms can create for women desperately trying to lose weight. Let’s start with how I feel about diets…

A Better Way To Replace Diets & Gyms

its no secret. Gyms and diets set us up for failure They always have.

In fact, most gym workouts rarely workout. There are 3 reasons why:

  • They're crowded, boring, tedious and often confusing.
  • It's hard to stay motivated month after month when you are on your own.
  • Most relevant of all, if you don't know what you're doing you're likely to fail.

To get fit, you need specific, direction and an action plan that delivers real results. When that doesnt happen, most people ultimately give up and quit.

Dieting is rigid and unnatural. It involves sacrifice and suffering...which builds resentment on many levels. In fact, the only thing we really lose is ourself-esteem - after failing, inevitably, again and again.

At Weston Women Only Bootcamp we dont diet. Instead we put into a new, healthy LIFESTYLE that you'll love- with foods you'll really enjoy. Day after day!


What Makes Women Only Bootcamp Your Best Choice?

  • Customized Class Format: We've taken the most effective exercise routines from the best of best fitness modalities, removed the pain, tedium, and overcrowding, to customize classes that deliver results more easily, safely and effectively. We make fitness fun!
  • Customized Meal Plan: We discuss and review your food habits, review your lifetyle preferences, and come up with a personal plan for exactly what, how much and how often you eat.
  • Customized Fitness Portfolio: Based on your weight, body fat composition, measurments, test, and other personal facts, we determine your short and long term goals, account for your health and physicall challenges, and calculate results every 12 weeks for comparisons.


As a member of the Women Only Bootcamp you can choose convenient days and times for your weekly class schedule to meet the demands of your personal lifestyle.

In most cases just three classes a week are all you need to see results and achieve your fitness goals. We offer diverse and convenient class options designed to fit your daily routines and busy schedule - from early morning into the evening. We've eliminated the excuses so it's easier than ever for you yo.....

Show Up, Shape Up, and Step Up To Loving the New You!





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